Belated Studio update

Got everything painted! Initially I was going to use bolder shades of the primary colors but changed my mind and went with more Mediterranean takes on RYB. Still need to put up the acoustic treatment and the remaining white space will be covered in black fabric.

Re-wired the old lighting fixtures and replaced the fluorescent tubes with LEDs.

Finally got the epoxy to stay put on my floors! Yay! It was a long difficult process to properly prepare, and repair, the damaged concrete, but it came together and looks good. Some touch ups to preform later but overall it came out well.

Still plenty to do to make the space a little more comfortable, but, overall, it’s fully functional and looking good 🙂


The New Studio Progresses

When I last posted, I had just really gotten work underway on the new studio. Now, it’s actually starting to come together and look like a real place of work! Soon it will start to look like a place of creativity too. Lots of work, but it’s satisfying to start and complete this with my own two hands (and those of a friend’s of course!).





A New Studio

Every artist would love to have their own work area, where they can go to escape from the rest of the world and just create. I’m no different and recently moved to a new place that gives me the room I’ve always wanted for a studio. A good friend of mine who is a professional builder is helping me put in a few necessities, like walls insulated specifically for sound and a control room window. It’s a lot of work but really satisfying to see it all coming together!

new studio 1new studio 2new studio 3new studio 4new studio 5