Release the T-Rex!

After many hours poured in of effort, energy, and heart, my latest album, T-Rex, is now released!

T-Rex cover
I’m really excited about and proud of this album. So excited and proud, in fact, that I made it so you can listen to the complete track list on my new & improved website for free!

After you check it out, please spread the word. Tell your friends in person, go tell it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, wherever! Then, buy the album$4.00 for 5 songs! Independent music is created by independent musicians like me, who need your support and help to get our art noticed.

As always, connect with me directly right here on my blog, on Twitter, Facebook, and join the Mailing List!

Thanks for listening!

finally, the big release day

check it out, my new cd is now released!

it’s called “sh0ck and awe” and it’s a group of instrumental tunes that i have to say i’m really proud of. it’s a really upbeat bunch of songs with lots of moods and feels going on, on top of the usual guitar, bass, funk and rock 🙂

i think you’ll all dig it. please go check it out & download the tunes–they’re only 89 cents apiece on cdbaby, or get the whole cd for $4!

new song available for streaming!

“in the early morning,” one of the songs off my brand new CD, is now available for streaming over at reverbnation! check it out & let me know what you think. i’m really excited about this album. it’s instrumental only and i used a lot of cool new techniques i’ve been learning and working on.

the CD will be available soon. stay tuned!

adventures in mixing!

two posts in one day! impossible, you say!

that can only mean one thing…

i’m nearing completion on another round of awesome new aural madness!! or, you know, some new music 😉

yep, finishing up some new tunes this week. should be available very soon. i took a different approach this time around, focusing more on just fast, short, punchy tunes that will make excellent music  for driving or video game soundtracksthe kind of stuff that makes you want to hop your car and tear down the local highway. once you hear it, you’ll see what i mean.