By Your Side is now available!

mp3 or CD, go make it yours!

I’m pretty proud of this album – it’s the best Nevis CD so far.  If you like slap bass, rock and funk guitar, guitar solos, and big beats, go check it out. 🙂


“By Your Side,” the new music from Nevis is FINISHED

as of yesterday 🙂  listen to one of the brand new songs, “sure to see”, here!

life is good.

more updates to follow, but it should be available for your listening pleasure** in the next couple weeks.

**well, that is, as long as you take pleasure in hearing raw aggressive funk and rock music with some ridiculously cool guitars,  distorted slap bass, relentless drumming, and the best singing i’ve ever done 😉

fans of lame, boring music need not apply.