so i’m back home after a nice trip to phoenix for the holidays and thought i’d do a blog about one of my favorite x-mas presents — the soundtrack to “nashville”.

i’m not exactly a country fan, which will probably surprise no one 😉 but there are a few country artists that i’m genuinely a fan of, like the ridiculously good guitarist/singer brad paisley, and legends like george strait,marty robbins, and willie nelson. i started watching the show “nashville” because i’m a fan of actress connie britton, after seeing her on “american horror story” and “friday night lights” (clear eyes, full hearts..!) and was pleasantly surprised with the uniformly excellent acting and storytelling. but the biggest surprise for me was the outstanding songs and performances on the show, actually performed by the actors themselves!

every song from the soundtrack is great, some are truly stellar, regardless of genre. standouts for me are “if i didn’t know better”,” undermine”, “telescope” (both versions) and “no one will ever love you”.

if you haven’t seen the show, or heard the music, do yourself a favor 😉


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