do you live here?

now that i have a dog (sura, my malamute) i must get asked that question at least once a week. i’m often out walking her and come across all sorts of people, many of whom ask to meet her. regularly during the meet and greet the other person will ask, “do you live in this neighborhood?” or some variation thereof. i’m always pleasant and answer yes, somewhat bemusedly.

it’s always odd to me because, well why would i go out of my way to walk my dog in some off the beaten path neighborhood that i don’t live in? why here, rather than take one of the many walking or biking trails nearby or just walk the sidewalk? i mean if it were closer to a busier area of town, sure, folks might wander through. but it isn’, logically, what’s a more likely answer to the do you live here question?

i think i’m going to start asking folks the question when they come up to meet my dog.


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