a shout out to an old friend

over the past few months my computer system has been flaky. so, since i depend on it to record music and for my income, it’s kind of a big deal.

thankfully, i was able to call on the same man who put it together in the first place, many years ago – my old friend, tommy (affectionately known as tommy the cat 😉 tom and i have been friends for a long, long, time. since we were kids in fact. he’s one of those rare people that once you get to know them, become as close as your closest family. we’ve been through a lot of things over the years and it’s great to still be able to count on him. thanks tommy!

so in about a week or so, i’m going to have a new and improved recording machine and a few other surprises! i’m taking this all as an opportunity to re-think my studio space and change a lot of things around. sort of a budget re-modelling. i’ll post when it’s all done!


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