Making friends the Nevis way

if you’ve ever talked with me in person or hung out with me at some public event or show, you may have noticed, i’m pretty quiet. unless i’m really excited about one thing or another, or a decision needs to be made (pizza or mexican?)  i tend to keep to myself.

in short, i don’t make friends easily.

some folks who have hung out with me might be a little surprised. in certain settings i can be affable, occasionally gregarious, and when really motivated, even a bit friendly. but those are exceptions. my default state of being is most comfortable when not in public (unless i’ve got an axe in my hands and i’m playing for a crowd).

so, in the past few weeks i’ve found myself hanging out with a couple of people that i’ve been acquainted with for a while (one of whom for a couple years now) and liked, but i’m not sure i would have exactly called them friends. i don’t know if it’s just the repetition or what, but i’ve found that i’ve grown to really enjoy the company of these folks and find myself sharing ideas, talking shop, games, comic books, and MST3K with these folks.

i’ll have to do this more often.


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