hey all,

been away for a while, sort of on a mini-vacation 🙂  there’s a lot of new developments i’m in the middle of, that i’ll talk more about later as things start to solidify.  but for now, i just wanted to share that things are looking up and going well!

a brief tip for the musicians int he audience.  rhythmic variation- imagine a grid of notes in a bar of music, whole, half, quarter, eighth notes, and so on.  play a steady beat of quarter notes, just a simple single note or single chord pulse, like a drummer counting off time.  then try offsetting one of the notes by an eighth note, or a sixteenth.  try it for another note.  try dropping a note out entirely.  what you’re doing is experimenting with how a little variation in when and how notes are being played, or not being played, affects the feel of a piece.  a little bit of this can totally change a pretty plain progression or rhythm idea into something really interesting just by shortening, lengthening, or dropping a note, without changing anything else.


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