Quick Post

first off, happy new years to you and yours 🙂

secondly, just had a thought about the approach to guitar soloing that i’ve been taking – sweep picking.  for the past few months i’ve been learning and immediately incorporating a lot of sweep picking and other cool techniques into my playing  (largely inspired by http://www.sheetsofsound.net/ ).  guitar players in the audience will know what i’m talking about.  (have a listen to the guitar solos on my newer songs here http://www.nevismusic.com and click the top couple songs on the player to the left)

the basic action of sweeping (typically playing two or more pairs of strings in a single motion) basically means that, with every motion of the pick, you’re doubling or tripling the amount of notes you’re playing.  think about it. it takes the same effort to move your pick hand across one string as it does two or three (for t a typical sweep pattern).   for that same range and effort of motion, you can play two or three (possibly more depending on what you’re doing) times the amount of notes!  crazy!


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