It begins with an idea

it’s one of those things that gets asked about a lot but is nearly impossible to truly quantify.


for some, it could be a picture that spurs something on inside.  for others, maybe a special person.  perhaps a distant memory.  or something recent.  something innate.   something divinely inspired from beyond.

but it comes.  and with it comes the drive the desire to make something.  whatever it is that you are driven to create, it’s the feeling that unless you pursue this thing, you will surely go mad.  that unless you do this thing, you will not know satisfaction.  that until you create this work you that have been gifted to forge, you will not know happiness.

and so you set out with your idea.  you may play an instrument, draw, paint, sculpt, write, film, photograph, and so on.  perhaps it is  something else that consumes you?  whatever your discipline is, you work at it.  it consumes your every thought and every available precious second.  the art, the idea, and its pursuit, are life at its pinnacle.  there is no better.  if you know this feeling, this sensation, this desire, then you know life as i experience it.  if you do not, then you are likely one who receives great enjoyment from the work and are nearly as important to the artist for only second to the enjoyment of creation is the enjoyment to be had from knowing others have a passion for that which is created.

the work process is different for each of us, therefore, rather than go into laborious detail, i will seek to describe in short bits over the next few months my process.  hopefully it will be of use to you in your endeavors or give you some insight into how something you enjoy comes to be.

be good.


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