True Bushi

those of you familiar with the world of martial arts, and in particular, samurai, may be familiar with the term bushi.

it’s a word used to describe one who has the true heart of samurai.  one who lives the life and honors the true samurai code, adheres to the law, and  honors and protects his lord as giving his master’s life greater value than his own.

true bushi is a term for one who the the samurai code itself, the code of right and wrong, the skillfulness of his sword arm, service to a lord if he had one, and his practice of the arts both martial and creative (many samurai were visual, musical, or literary artists/creators) were all of equal importance.

in my life, i strive to do right by people, to be a good and decent person.  and i strive for the same in creating music.

i strive to be true bushi.


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