“i don’t like…”

“fill in the blank.”

you hear this all the time, someone not liking some big overall group of something. the blank could be classical, vegetables, sports, sitcoms, etc. usually it’s based on having a bad experience or two or sometimes just having unrealistic expectations. mostly though, i think it’s just ignorance.

how do you not like an entire genre of music, movies, literature? how do you dislike an entire food group? sure, you may not like broccoli, but what about cabbage or lettuce? you may not like certain types or styles of jazz but you hate all of it? how could you have even heard all the differing styles?

it’s one thing to not find yourself in love with a particular thing, we can’t all like everything, but it’s another altogether to jump on the hate bandwagon. it’s time to get off. find your own ride.


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